Please be advised the April club meeting date has been changed to April 21, 2018 at Hahn A Lula Resort.


Admittedly, with the poor snowfall not a lot of people are thinking about snowmobiling. However, right now so much is going on in the world of snowmobiling and outdoor power sport recreation NOW is the time to get involed!
Back in September 2014, Wisconsin formed a County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) to gather and consider public input from citizens and provide recommendations to the DNR on deer management issues in their county. As part of the CDAC’s recommendations to develop county-based deer population objectives recommendations (increase, decrease or maintain the herd) a Holiday Hunt from December 25 through January 1 for doe’s only is considered. During the Holiday Hunt, snowmobiling on the trails is prohibited. At the March meeting, CDAC’s preliminary recommendation was not to recommend a Holiday Hunt. The preliminary recommendations have been released for public comment. In May, CDAC will make their final, unalterable recommendation to the DNR for approval.

Please comment on your opposition for a Holiday Hunt by visiting and fill out the survey. This is our chance for our voices to be heard.


Link To The CDAC DNR Website

Think Snow!

Think Snow!

Metz Ridge Runners, Inc

Recognizing that we are more than a social club as our primary purpose is grooming and maintaining our snowmobile trails for the benefit of our community without regard to club membership, we have created a new corporation: Metz Ridge Runners, Inc. This corporation has been granted a favorable Tax- exempt status, 501(c)(3) by the IRS and is now exempt from paying state sales tax as well. Furthermore, any contributions we receive are generally tax deductible by the donor.
We recently purchased land to build our own clubhouse on for storage of our groomer, drag and other equipment. It is on 36 Drive in between Apache and Archer. A building committee has been formed and plans will should be coming soon!

Clubhouse and Groomer Maintenance Nights
Are you interested in some hands on work? Want to build your skills as a mechanic or electrician? Do you enjoy a good night out with friends? The Metz Ridge Runners has an opportunity for you! Begninning October 12th, the second and fourth THURSDAY of every month will be maintenance night. Anyone willing to help please meet at the clubhouse at 6pm or call Chuck at (920) 410-9079 with any questions.

Top Maintenance Priorities:
1. Prep signs for 2017-18 season.
2. Re-install driver side front track on groomer with new sprockets.
3. Replace brake master cylinder.
4. Install new battery and disconnect switch in groomer.
5. Grease groomer and drag.
6. Replace groomer gas tank hose.
7. Tension all 4 tracks to propper 1.5 inch setting.

We are always in need of volunteers! If you are interested in helping in any way contact us!



President: Jim McNichols - (847) 624-9377
Vice President: Dan Braun - (920) 573-2186
Treasurer: Julie Braun - (920) 573-1636
Secretary: Deborah Sievert - (847) 421-7939
Trail Boss: Chuck Vanevenhoven - (920) 410-9079